Monday, February 18, 2008

Joe Jackson's new book

When I took this picture of the root system of a paricá tree at Bosque Santa Lúcia, I couldn't help remembering the cover of Joe Jackson's new book, Thief at the End of the World. Joe visited the Bosque with me on 19 October 2005, while researching the life of Henry Wickham, the person attributed to smuggling the rubber tree seeds out of the Amazon. The book will be available on 28 February. I know a number of people here in Santarém very anxious to read the book, including myself.


Barry said...

Hi Steven, your blog has amazing photos, of some incredible species. I am the moderator of a Yahoo group, Big Leaf Tropicals (, and we'd love to have you as a member. I think you'd be our only Amazonian, and possibly the one closest to the Equator. Best Wishes, Barry Stock, Hollywood, Florida, USA

Steven Alexander said...

Barry, thanks for the comments and the invitation. I'd love to join the group. I'll have a look at the Yahoo link tonight. Cheers.

Barry said...

Steven, I suspect that was you I saw join earlier this evening (Yahoo send the moderator notices of comings and goings.) Welcome! The recent discussion was of Pithecellobium tortum (I saw an amazing specimen yesterday while dropping off some plants at an arboretum), and the cost of Tahina spectabilis seeds ($$$). I hope you enjoy the company. We do pass seeds around on occasion, and you are welcome to request any you hear being offered.

Best Wishes,

Barry Stock