Saturday, October 27, 2007

Visitors from Kentucky

Right in the middle of a very large group of German passengers on a passing cruise ship, I discovered a handful of Americans from the State of Kentucky. Serendipity was with me because I had brought a University of Kentucky baseball cap to the Bosque that day, one that Waldinor Mota and his wife had brought me on one of their recent returns to Santarem. I quickly ran to the car for it and in no time we had a fast reunion right on the porch of the reception center. That's me with these beautiful ladies! They were holding up quite well from a long walk in very hot tropical weather. What the picture doesn't show are a number of other folks with their tongues hanging out from the heat. By the way, my pleasure in meeting cohorts from Kentucky is that I graduated from Berea College, Kentucky, back in 1962. Image, Jeremy Campbell.

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Genevieve said...

Summers are pretty hot and humid in some parts of Kentucky. This year we had a session of extreme heat that lasted over a month and broke lots of records. I know that our summers are not as hot and humid as the Amazon, but still, they're good training for it. That's probably why these ladies look as perky as they do.