Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Parapará seed pods

This week we strolled over to the Industrial Arts Fair, which takes place every year at Praça São Sebastiao. As you would expect, there's not a lot of industry in a place so far removed from the rest of Brazil. The Fair is made up of maybe a dozen stands, most of them dealing in furniture made from Amazonian woods. The pieces on display are absolutely beautiful and the prices are right. One stand got my attention more than any other, the one selling arts and crafts made of seeds, flowers and other forest products. There are a number of artists in Santarém dealing in this trade, but the lady at this stand seems to have a special talent for making things look very classy. The item in the attached image may be a jewelery box, or some container for whatever purpose. It's made of wood from palm tree branches and decorated with the seed pods of the parapará tree (Jacaranda copaia). On top of these pods you can see a red tento seed (Ormosia sp). The rope to the left is probably made of the fiber of a bromeliad, one called Curuá (Ananas lucidus).

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