Monday, October 29, 2007

Portuguese lace on log

Once I got to taking pictures of what's on that old piquiá log, I realized that it's a real botanical garden. Mind you, this is summer time when the hot tropical sun beats the heck out of the place. If I didn't haul water out there every day, it would be drier than a cow skull in the Arizona desert. The little fern you see in the attached image is renda portuguesa, which translates into Portuguese lace. Unlike the other fern, I placed this one on top of the log. I don't remember when, but it was this year. I do remember that the log was harder than a rock and I had problems coming up with enough organic material to cover a small piece of rhizome. Surprisingly enough, the cutting is well established and I can expect to the plant to spread out once the rains get underway. The mushroom to the left is the same one I showed just a few days ago. It's decomposing very quickly into a blob of whiteness. Right under the fern there's another mushroom making its way up into stardom.

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