Friday, October 05, 2007

Unexpected rain

You may have perceived from reading recent posts that October is normally a hot and very dusty month here in the Tapajós River region. November can be the same, so we bite the bullet and try to go about life as though we live in a rain forest environment. Sometimes we are surprised by an unexpected rain! And that's what happened today. At exactly 05:00, I heard distant thunder and a light drizzle of rain began to fall. I hoped for the best, meaning that I thought we might get enough rain to wash off the dust from my palm trees at the Bosque. At 06:00, time to get up to fix breakfast. Still raining at that drizzle pace and I'm fantasizing that some of that water might actually soak into the soil. Come 10:00, the drizzle becomes a real rain; not a downpour, but a heavier rain. Midday it returns to being a drizzle again and then the sky cleared up a bit and the rain stopped. At 20:00, my wife asked me to close all the windows ... and " don't turn on the fan." She's cold! The streets of Santarém are empty. Everybody is cold! Will it rain again tonight? I sure hope so because we got a lot of summer coming up.
Image: Rainy weather over the Tapajós and Amazon Rivers on October 5, 2007

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