Friday, October 12, 2007

Muiracatiara tree

In the previous post I showed muiracatiara wood but I forgot to mention that it has an English name too,"tiger wood". Since we don't have tigers in the Amazon, obviously the Indians didn't think of that one. The "painted wood" seems more appropriate! In the attached image you can see what the tree looks like, at least when it's still quite young. I took this picture two years ago. The tree has grown a lot since that time but it still has that "bushy" look to it. In the forest it would probably be growing straight up because of the competition with other trees. I planted nearly 200 muiracatiara trees along the dirt road going into the Bosque but unfortunately most of them were cut down when the power line was put in earlier this year. The right approach would have been to plant the seedlings further back from the road but the area is already in trees. For every tree I plant, I need to cut several others to make allowance for the light factor. As a matter of fact, I've planted hundreds of trees along the Bosque trails, but few have survived because of the shade from the older trees.

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