Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Tarantula nest

Tarantulas abound in the tropics. Some live up in the trees and the ceilings of houses, but most make their home underground. Openings to their nests are partially camouflaged and it's from this hole that they hunt. They are quite quick to retreat into the nest when we pass by. They are also quite fast to catch prey passing their way.


SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Hello Steven. What interesting stuff you have here again. I am so glad you visited my blog again.

I am most interested in the moth posted below. A while ago someone on another forum posted something similar happening to a katydid. A very interesting process.

A while back I was at a birdfarm and they had some tarantulas there which I took photographs of. They are amazing spiders. I always thought they they made more of a trap-door like hole so this is very interesting.

Sarah said...

Hi Steven...we have a housefull of bughunters here and someone thought your blog might be fun for us to follow!! They were so right - wonderful!! I love the correct names of the flora and fauna!! Thank you!!