Monday, July 23, 2007

Unidentified bird

I took this picture of bird eggs last week on a tour with Amizade volunteers, Steve Williams, his wife and two daughters. I'd taken a shortcut to get us back to reception center in time for return to Santarem when all of a sudden the owner of the eggs flew off at such a speed, I didn't get a clue as to her identity. What surprised me more than the flighting bird was her nest. It was in a very visible cavity in a rubber tree, about 1.5 meters above ground. I took the picture looking down at the nest. I'm surprised that some smart snake had hadn't made an easy snack of the eggs. Speaking of snakes, only a few days ago Cleuson opened the reception center to be greeted by a papa-ovo (egg-eater) more than 2 meters long. The snake had taken advantage of an open space under one of the doors to get in. Our guess is that it was attracted by the many frogs that hang out in the building. This snake is known for its aggressiveness and this one was no exception. Cleuson told me that he had to call one of the neighbors to help get it out. As would be expected, they killed the snake and threw it into the woods. A couple of days later we were visited by many turkey vultures, all anxious to finish the job.

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