Thursday, July 19, 2007

Carpenter beetle

I've never seen a carpenter beetle but I see evidence of their activities on a daily basis. On any day, on any walking trail, I find branches of trees that have been neatly sawed off from up above. As depicted in the attached image, the cut is so professional, you would think that it had been done by a hand saw. The size of the branch can be two or three inches thick! I understand that it's the female carpenter beetle that goes to all this work to find an appropriate environment for laying her eggs. I wonder how long it takes to saw through a branch like this? Is it a cut from up above, or does the beetle work around the branch?

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GingerV said...

when camillo built our home over 20 years ago, he planted 300 trees, many died and many thrived. There was one pine sickly and yellow that one day had the top missing. A beetle had sawed off the weak tree top. Now that same tree has two tops, both healthy and very tall. Wonders of nature. GingerV