Thursday, July 05, 2007

African mahogany

This post is a follow up to an earlier report on my African mahoganies, Kaya ivorenis. I had mentioned that one these trees (planted in January of 2001), became very top heavy and broke off at about five meters. After cleaning up the mess, my thought was to cut the rest of the tree, thinking that it would be an opportunity to see the development of heartwood vs. sapwood. Luckily, someone alerted me that the tree would probably develop new branches and foliage, and that it has. You can see in the attached image that it's getting to be a beautiful tree. Nothing like the old one, which was bent over almost to the ground. There are four more of these mahoganies around the entranceway to the Bosque. Only one grew straight up, probably because it got more sun. The other three continue to be bent over, even though they're getting to be bigger. The rejuvenated tree is so nice, I'm giving thought to cutting the bowed ones so that they can grow straight up.

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