Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bosque Reception Center

Every now and then I make mention of the Bosque Santa Lucia Reception Center. This is a view from the backside of the building. There was a time when I referred to it as a "museum" because of the collection of woods and forest artifacts housed inside. I finally got away from the museum concept because I could never afford to expand it into what could be called a real museum. Then, too, there could be some legal implications to having a museum, like special government licenses, inspections and so on. In reality, we have few visitors to the Bosque, so we're not in a position of creating more bureaucracy and expenses. Aside from a collection of more than 60 species of wood samples from the region, the next most important item in the center is a bathroom. No running water or electricity yet but when in need, it's a blessing. Jugs of water are available for flushing the toilette. We are now close to getting electricity at the Bosque, which means that we're also getting closer to drilling a well. With lights and water, we'll be "uptown".

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