Saturday, March 28, 2009

Longhorned beetle

My first reaction, a grasshopper. Second reaction, I'm not sure. Regardless, it's a beautiful little creature. P.S. See Ted MacRae's comment. It's a longhorned beetle.


Anonymous said...

Not a grasshopper, but a beetle - specifically a longhorned beetle (family Cerambycidae). I'm almost positive this is in the genus Oncideres, which is unbelievably diverse in Brazil. The photo seems to be a good match for Oncideres gemmata (see photos on this page).

Adult females of this genus girdle twigs or branches of trees (depending on their size) and lay their eggs beyond the girdle - the eggs hatch, and the larvae tunnel through the freshly killed wood.

Sure looks like a handsome beast - if you see it again, I'd sure love to have one ;-)


Steven Alexander said...

Ted, is this the one we discussed sometime back? The one we call the carpenter beetle? Looks like the wood was cut by a saw. I've been looking for one of these beetles. I didn't even recognize it when I saw it! If I can capture one, it's yours.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they cut a perfect circle around the branch.