Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bugs, continued

Technically not a bug, but for the time being .....


Anonymous said...

This this one really is a grasshopper ;-)

Any you're right - grasshoppers are not true bugs.


GingerV said...

Okay so what are they? can we get a family tree of insects.... or bug versus insects... okay I'll go to
Beetleinthebush and see if he can increase my knowledge base.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ginger - there are many kinds of insects that are classified into different orders. Beetles are one order, flies are an order, moths and butterflies are an order, grasshoppers, etc. While most people use the term "bug" to mean any insect, there is actually an order called the true bugs - it includes things like stink bugs, assassin bug, cicadas and hoppers, aphids. They are all "true bugs" because they all have piercing/sucking mouthparts and four wings, rather than chewing mouthparts like most other insects, except some flies (mosquitoes - which are flies because they have only two wings).

Simple! ;-)