Sunday, January 18, 2009

Spider on Imperial Palm

This spider is so cryptic, it was almost invisible. Check out the posterior part of the animal. It looks exactly like a face, or a mask.


Olle Pettersson said...


So happy that you are on the scene again! Even the pictures om the red littel hugging beetels, loking just the same as the red ones consuming every summer the Krilliljor (Lilium Martagon) in our garden, make me happy!


GingerV said...

just to the lower right of the spider is a spot on the tree (if we were dreaming with the clouds) looks just like the shape of Brasil on an old world map

Steven Alexander said...

> Olle, I's sure like to see a picture of your beetles.

> Ginger, what a remarkable eyesight you have. It does look like the old map of Brazil.

GingerV said...

no I have very bad eyesight but a very big imagination.