Sunday, January 04, 2009

Bosque revisited

Some traffic is getting through the mud holes going to Bosque Santa Lúcia and the small communities beyond, but mostly trucks and vehicles built higher off the ground. Áurea and I decided to try our luck yesterday in our small Fiat. Just to play it safe, we took the back route, which means the soybean fields further down the road. We made it, but I would not want to try the trip after a rain. It's easy to get stuck and difficult to get out. Our tours continue to be canceled until such time the road opens up again. As noted in previous posts, the most difficult of the mud holes was repaired by volunteer help from a neighbor on the highway. We then established a "kitty" of resources for filling up major obstacles with gravel (clay with laterite rock). That was quite a few days ago and as of date, no gravel. Lots of excuses, but no dump truck and no gravel.


Olle Pettersson said...

Hallo Steven

Very happy to see a fungi report! Beautiful! Up here in the cold ice is spreading on the lakes.


GingerV said...

Good Morning: very nice photo. ah the roads or lack of is a sickness throughout Brasil. the flip side is that NO ONE WANTS to pay taxes that might pay for good roads. "why pay taxes that just disappear into someone's pocket" Is this still true? Or is it a convenient preconception? If you put gravel on a mud hole doesn't it sink down in and disappear with the next rain - do you need a bridge? to much coffee, too many questions, no answers. gingerv

Steven Alexander said...

Olle, nice to have you with me.

Ginger, you got it right. Are you still in Brazil?

GingerV said...

I am here - Rosemary left.
go to flowers and more...

glad to see you are getting your road improved (temp of course)

we have a public road that runs down the middle of our condominium - we paid to have pedras laid so we could stop driving in mud 4-5 months a year... now the city had decided that the 'our' road is good enough for a bus. thank goodness those 'up the road' now have a bus - but our road is being smashed into the mud... to much weight for our small pedras.

Steven Alexander said...

Ginger > that's a real problem. A few of us bear the cost of bettering the roads and then everyone uses them and abuses them. We took a test drive over the road yesterday and I was surprised at the number of vehicles on it. I remember years ago that I went to some expense of filling up mud holes with rock that I had transported from a far away. The same year, a grader from the local government came through and destroyed everything I had done. They normally do this during the dry season, of course.

Sorry to hear that Rosemary left Brazil. Say hello when you talk with her again. Cheers.