Sunday, January 11, 2009

Road to Bosque is open

Good news at last. The road to Bosque Santa Lúcia is now open to traffic. You can see what remains of the granddad of mud holes in the attached image. There's still plenty of room for reverting the picture of access, but more help may be on the way. The folks in the red pickup are from the mayor's office of transportation. Because of some unexpected changes in local politics, they are suddenly available to help. I was asked to accompany the road engineer from the city to the Bosque and then around the corner to the local community of Poço Branco, pointing out the most urgent of repairs. The fellow in the foreground is Sr. Jaci, who owns one of the largest soybean farms in the area. He was instrumental in doing a lot of the roadwork as we see it in the image. His presence had nothing to do with our visit. He was there waiting for a load of gravel (clay with some laterite rock) that would be put on top of this fill dirt. Off to the right is Bimba and his son. They live next to the Bosque. Next image.

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