Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hugging beetles

Chega mais, as the Brazilians say. Get closer.


Anonymous said...

Hi Steve -- those are gorgeous beetles, and I can only guess that they are some kind of leaf beetle (family Chrysomelidae), based on the appearance of the tarsi (feet).

I hope I've dropped from your blogroll not because you no longer enjoy my site but rather because you were unaware of my move to WordPress. If the latter, the "new" Beetles In The Bush can be found here.


Steven Alexander said...

> Amigo Ted,

I dropped you from the links because I couldn't open your site. There was a message that it was a private site and that permission was needed. Fear not, I'm adding your new address at Wordpress. I look forward to catching up on your fabulous posts. Cheers from the Amazon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Steven,

I figured (hoped) it was something like that. Glad to see you out taking pictures of insects again!

abraco -- ted

Arthur said...

Nice one. :)