Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Biodiversity of trees at the Bosque


NT= Native trees
PAL= Native palms
NP= Native plants
EX= Exotic trees, plants and palms

Partial listing of flora to be seen on the trails at Bosque Santa Lúcia

Native Trees

I.D/Common Name/Genus/Specie/Family
NT 1.1 Abiu Pouteria caimito Sapotaceae
NT 2 Abiurana cutiti Pouteria macrophylla Sapotaceae
NT 3 Abiurana frutão Pouteria sp. Sapotaceae
NT 4 Abiurana peluda Ecclinusa sp. Sapotaceae
NT 4.1 Abiurana pitomba Sandwithiodoxa egregia Sapotaceae
NT 4.2 Algaroba Prosopis julifora Mimosaceae
NT 5 Amapá doce Brosimum perinarioides Moraceae
NT 5.1 Apuí/Strangler fig Ficus nymphacaefolia Moraceae
NT 5.2 Andiroba(Medicinal) Carapa guianensis Meliaceae
NT 5.3 Angelim Hymenolobium sp. Leguminoseae
NT 6 Arapari Swartzia sp. Caesalpiniaceae
NT 7 Arapari branco Swartzia sp. Caesalpiniaceae
NT 7.1 Araracanga vermelho Aspidosperm centrale Apocynaceae
NT 8 Achicha Sterculia speciosa Sterculiaceae
NT 9.1 Breu preto Protium sp. Burseraceae
NT 10 Breu sucuruba Trattinickia burseraefolia Burseraceae
NT 11 Cacau comum/Cocoa Theobroma cacao Sterculiaceae
NT11.1 Caju/Cashew Anacardium ocidentale Anacardiaceae
NT 12 Cacaui Theobroma speciosum Sterculiaceae
NT 13 Cacaui quadrado Theobroma atrorubens Sterculiaceae
NT 16 Caférana Faramea sp. Rubiaceae
NT 17 Cambiteiro N/A N/A
NT 18 Capitiu Siparuma sp. Monimiaceae
NT 19 Canela de velho Rinorea cf guianensis Violaceae
NT 20 Caqui Diospyros sp. Ebenaceae
NT 21 Caqui folha miuda Diospyros sp. Ebenaceae
NT 22 Caraipe Licania hypolsuca Chrysobalanaceae
NT 23 Castanha do Pará/Brazil nut Bertholetia excelsa Lecythidaceae
NT 25 Cauaçu Coccoloba latifolia Poligonaceae
NT 25.1 Cedro/Brazilian cedar Cedrela odorata Meliaceae
NT 26 Cinzeiro Terminalia sp. Combretaceae
NT 27 Cocão Poecylanthe effusa Fabaceae
NT 28 Copaíba(Medicinal) Copaifera multifuga Caesalpiniaceae
NT 29 Conario Connarus perrottetii Conaraceae
NT 30 Cuieira/Calabash Crescentia cuiete Bignoniaceae
NT 31 Cumaru folha grande Dipteryx odorate Fabaceae
NT 32 Cupuaçú Theobroma grandiflorum Sterculiaceae
NT 33 Envira bobo Rollinia sp. Annonaceae
NT 34 Envira periquiteira Cochlospermum Cochlospermceae
NT 34.1 Envira preta Duguetia sp. Annonaceae
NT 35 Envira preta lisa Guatteria poeppigiana Annonaceae
NT 36 Envira preta fissurada Onychopetalum amazonicum Annonaceae
NT 37 Envira perta capii Duguetia sp. Annonaceae
NT 38 Fava barbatimão Stryphndendron pulcherrimum Mimosaceae
NT 38.1 Fava folhafina Piptadenia suaveoleas Mimosaceae
NT 39 Fava de besouro Cassia xinguensis Caesalpiniaceae
NT 40 Fava de rosca Enterolobium Mimosaceae
NT 41 Farinha seca Lindackeria sp. Flacourtiaceae
NT 40.1 Fava tamboril Enterolobium maximum Mimosaceae
NT 42.1 Freijó peludo Cordia sp. Boraginaceae
NT 42 Freijó branco Cordia sp. Boraginaceae
NT 43 Genipapo/Jenipapo Genipa americana Rubiaceae
NT 44 Geniparana Gustavia augusta Lecythidaceae
NT 45 Goiaba/Guava Psidium guajava Myrtaceae
NT 46 Goiaberana Eugenia sp. Myrtaceae
NT 47 Goiabinha Myrciaria sp. Myrtaceae
NT 48 Gombeira Swartzia Caesalpiniaceae
NT 49 Gombeira folha grande Swartzia Caesalpiniaceae
NT 50 Guaraná Paullina cupana Sapindaceae
NT 51 Imbaúba/Cecropia Cecropia sp. Moraceae
NT 52 Imbaúbarana Pourouma sp. Moraceae
NT 52.1 Ingá folha grande Inga sp. Mimosaceae
NT 53 Ingácipó Inga edulis Mimosaceae
NT 54 Ingá cumaru Inga alba Mimosaceae
NT 55 Ingárana Inga sp. Mimosaceae
NT 55.1 Ingá fruto seco Inga sp. Mimosaceae
NT 56 Ingá xixica Inga heterophylla Mimosaceae
NT 57 Inhare Helicostyles sp. Moraceae
NT 58 Itaúba pimenta Siparuna sp. Monimiaceae
NT 59 Itaubarana Casearia sylvestre Flacourtiaceae
NT 59.2 Jaboticaba Myrciaria jaboticaba Berg. Myrtaceae
NT 59.1 Jacarandá do Pará Dalbergia spruceana Dalbergíreas
NT 61 Janita Brosimum lactescens Moraceae
NT 62 Jarana Holopyxidium jarans Lecythidaceae
NT 63 Jatoa Guarea sp. Meliaceae
NT 64 Jipio Tabernaeontana sp. Apocynaceae
NT 65.1 Jucá(Medicinal) Caesalpinia ferrea Caesalpiniaceae
NT 66 Jutaí açu = Jatobá Hymenaea courbaril Caesalpiniaceae
NT 67 Jutaí pororoca Dialium guianensis Caesalpiniaceae
NT 68 Lacre grande Vismia sp. Hypericaceae
NT 69 Lacre vermelho Vismia sp. Hypericaceae
NT 71 Limãozinho Zanthoxylum rhoifolia Rutaceae
NT 72 Limorana Chomelia anisomeris Rubiaceae
NT 73 Louro amarelo Licaria sp. Lauraceae
NT 73.1 Louro branco Ocotea sp. Lauraceae
NT 74 Louro da beira Ocotea laxifolia Lauraceae
NT 75 Louro preto Ocotea sp. Lauraceae
NT 76 Macuçu Licania latifolia Chrysobalanaceae
NT 77 Mamão comum/Papaya Caryca papaya Carycaceae
NT 78 Mamorana Bombax sp. Bombacaceae
NT 79 Mamorana grande Bombax globosum Bombacaceae
NT 79.1 Mandioqueira grande Qualea sp. Vochysiaceae
NT 81 Muruci Byrsonima crassifolia Malpighiaceae
NT 82 Mão de gato Perebea sp. Moraceae
NT 83 Marirana Cassia spruceana Caesalpiniaceae
NT 83.1 Matá matá branco Eschweilera sp. Lecythidaceae
NT 84 Matá matá rosa Eschweilera rosea Lecythidaceae
NT 85 Membi Cassia sp. Caesalpiniaceae
NT 86 Moracea folha grande Brosimum sp. Moraeace
NT 87 Mororo Bauhinia macrostachva Caesalpiniaceae
NT 88 Mororo grande Bauhinia sp. Caesalpiniaceae
NT 89 Morototó Didymopanax morototoni Araliaceae
NT 89.1 Muira PuamaMedicinal Ptychopetalum olacoides Olacaceae
NT 90 Muiraçacaca(Medicinal) Croton cajucara Euphorbiaceae
NT 91 Muirapucu Laetia sp. Flacourtiaceae
NT 91.1 Muirataua Apuleia molaris Caesalpiniaceae
NT 92 Muiratinga folha lisa Maquira sp. Moraceae
NT 93 Murta Myrcia sp. Myrtaceae
NT 94 Murupita Sapium sp. Euphorbiaceae
NT 95 Mutamba Guazuma ulmifolia Sterculiacea
NT 96 Mututi Pterocarpus sp. Fabaceae
NT 97 Mututi branco Dussia sp. Erythroxylaceae
NT 97.1 Muuba Belucia sp. Melastomataceae
NT 98 Pajurá Couepia bracteosa Chrysobalanaceae
NT 98.1 Papo de mutum Lucunaria sp. Quiinaceae
NT 99 Parapará Jacaranda copaia Bignoniaceae
NT 100 Paricá Schizolobium sp. Caesalpiniaceae
NT 101 Paricá branco Acacia polyphylla Mimosaceae
NT 102 Pau dÁrco buroja Tabebuia sp. Bignoniaceae
NT 102.1 Pau Brasil/Brazilwood Caesalpinia echinata Leguminosas
NT 103 Pau mulato Calycophyllum spruceanum Rubiaceae
NT 104 Pau de remo Chimarrhia sp. Rubiaceae
NT 104.1 Pau rosa/Rosewood Aniba canelillia rosaeodora Lauraceae
NT 105 Pente de macaco Apeiba macropetala Tiliaceae
NT 106 Piquiá Caryocar villosum Caryocaraceae
NT 107 Pitanga Stenocalyx sp. Myrtaceae
NT 108 Pitoma da mata Toulicia sp. Sapindaceae
NT 109 Pitombarana Toulicia sp. Sapindaceae
NT 109.1 Quina(Medicinal) Quassia amara Simaroubaceae
NT 110 Quinarana Geissospermum sericeum Apocynaceae
NT 110.1 Sapucaia Lecythis pisonis Lecythidaceae
NT 111 Seringa comum/rubber Hevea brasiliensis Euphorbiaceae
NT 112 Sucuuba(Medicinal) Himatanthus sucuba Apocynaceae
NT 113 Sumauma/Ceiba Ceiba pentanda Bombacaceae
NT 113.1 Tachi cauaçu Triplaris sp. Polygonaceae
NT 115 Taquarí Mabea caudata Euphorbiaceae
NT 116 Taperebá/Hogplum Spondias lutea Anacardiaceae
NT 117 Tatajuba Bagassa guianensis Moraceae
NT 118 Tatajuba de espinho Chlorophora tindctoria Moraceae
NT 119 Tatapiririca Tapirira guianensis Anacardiaceae
NT 120 Tauari branco Couratari sp. Lecythidaceae
NT 121 Tinteiro branco Miconia sp. Melastomataceae
NT 121.1 Tinteiro vermelho Miconia sp. Melastomataceae
NT 122 Ucuuba Virola sebifera Myristicaceae
NT 123 Umari gordo Paraqueiba paraensis Icacinaceae
NT 124 Urucu comum Bixia orellana Bicaceae
NT 125 Urucurana Sloanea sp. Elaeocarpaceae
NT 126 Urtigão = Cansanção Jatropha urens Euphorbiaceae
NT 126.1 Visgueiro Parkia gigantocarpa Leguminosa
NT 127 Xixua = Chichue Maytensus sp. Celastraceae


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