Monday, March 05, 2007

Bosque walking tour

Bosque Santa Lucia is an excellent choice for seeing biodiversity of Amazonian flora. This tour leaves from your hotel or other points in the city, per arrangement. Duration of the excursion is 3-4 hours. We will pick up the Santarem-Cuiaba Highway on the other side of town and travel up to the plateau at an elevation of 158 meters (518 feet) and then enter a secondary dirt road that will take us to Bosque Santa Lucia. Some slash and burn agriculture and more recent mechanized practices can be observed on this stretch of road.

At Bosque Santa Lucia your guide will choose one of the many trails in the forest for that nature walk (easy walking) you have wanted to take since arriving in the Amazon. More than 400 different species of native trees are found in the forest, some examples of which have been identified for your convenience. Bosque Santa Lucia provides most of the characteristics noted throughout the more distant, inacessible primary forest, that is, widely diversified species of trees and plants making use of nutrient-poor soils. Discover for yourself the secrets of how they manage.

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