Saturday, January 20, 2007

Pajurá fruit continued

These are the three pajurá fruit Cleuson brought in from the forest yesterday. Some forest animal got a few bites from the one you see in the foreground. It's not fair but I got the rest! I gather that pajurá is not all that common, even in the Amazon. Most Brazilians visiting the Bosque never heard of the fruit, unless they are from the rural Santarém area. And furthermore, not everyone likes them. Unless the fruit is extremely ripe, it takes some effort to peel it and the edible part is hard and granulated. It's a very sweet tasting fruit but I can't compare it to anything else. There's more than one variety of pajurá, the most sought after the one from the Óbidos area upriver. It's so rare that it's a collector's item among people who plant fruit trees.

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