Monday, January 15, 2007

Brazil nut pods

Brazil nut pods fall from the gigantic trees in January, February and March at Bosque Santa Lúcia. The trees produce only once a year and the nuts are not mature until the pods hit the ground. It's interesting that the trees bloom at the same time the pods are falling. This season I have not seen one pod or flower, I assume because of the lack of rain. There are an average of 14 nuts in a pod but I've counted up to 23 in some of the larger ones. I'd say that the average size of a pod is a bit larger than that of a softball. They weigh around 1 kilogram, which is capable of crushing a skull. We do not tarry under these trees when the pods are falling.

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Sharlea said...

Hello there. This is going to sound very random, but we are in Idaho and we teach 6th grade. Part of our curriculum is the Amazon Rain Forest. Do you know of any way we could buy or get our hands on a couple intact Brasil nut pods with the nuts still inside? If so, could you please email me @ or

Thanks so much!

Sharlea Alsager