Monday, October 26, 2009

Insects 3167

Arteriosclerosis is blocking my memory. I can't remember the name of these insects. Tree hoppers, or something like that. I'll remember later to make the correction. I've identified them before, but I found this image to be better than older posts.


dr.rankenstein said...


absolutely awesome pic!

and don´t bother with the missing (blocked) names, I´m younger than you and sometimes have the same problem. :-)

Scott Humfeld said...

That is a Reticulate Planthopper, Pteridictya reticularis.

Wilma said...

Wow, those are some bizarre-looking insects and such pretty pastel coloration. Such How big are they?

Adrian Thysse, FCD. said...

Hi Steven,

Those are amazing insects. About how long are they? The wings seem to have no elytra. Bizarre!

Steven Alexander said...

- Dr. Rankenstein, thanks.

- Scott, thanks for the name. It helps!

- Wilma, they're around 3-4 inches long.

- Adrian, yeah, interesting bichinhos. When they get scared, they sort of flutter away. I'll see if I can find another image.

Dave said...

Hello Steven,

I see that someone has supplied the Latin name; great. I know that some members of this family, Fulgoridae I think, are taken as food items in other parts of the world [Madagascar, for example]. Though of course I wouldn't suggest sampling insects randomly, I'm prompted to ask whether you know of any edible insect species in your area, or "bugs" used for other purposes, like medicinally...