Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dr. Pedro Pardal

The IV Congress of Butantan Amazônia is taking place in Santarém, October 20-30. The theme of the encounter this session is "Biodiversity and Research of Poisonous Animals in the Amazon". Presentations and workshops are taking place at most universities in Santarém in Santarém, plus field research in Belterra. I had planned on participating in most of the evening sessions, but a aggravating cold and cough kept me away from these events. One presentation I wouldn't miss for anything was scheduled for Friday evening at UEPA. The keynote speaker was Dr. Pedro Pardal (attached image) from the School of Tropical Medicine at the Federal University of Pará in Belém. He comes to Santarém quite often for speaking engagements and field research in his specialty of poisonous animals. I came to be introduced to Dr. Pardal via my wife, Áurea, who was his student when she was a medical student at the Federal University. Friday night's presentation was entitled "Poisonous Fish of the Amazon". Great stuff!

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