Saturday, February 17, 2007

Orchid (Psygmorchis pusilla)

I thought I had this native orchid classified but when I was ready to post the entry I couldn't find the name, common or scientific. My friends, Claudio and Bernadette Serique from the Santarem Orchid Society came to my aid. The name of the little beauty is Psygmorchis pusilla. The first time I remember seeing it (the flower is the size of my fingernail) was many years ago when I was cleaning up the heaps of downed trees left by a bulldozer, which had been sent in by the municipality government to open up the road, then not much more than a trail. There were literally dozens of them attached to the branches of a young jack-fruit tree. Over the years the new generations of the orchids moved on to other trees further away. Today, when I thought I might get a better picture of the plant, there was not one orchid on the jack fruit tree. Almost 200 meters away I found several of them on a "pavão" shrub. Image by Jeremy Campbell.

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