Sunday, February 04, 2007

Jack Fruit (Jaca)

You will find jack fruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus) where ever you go in Brazil. Although it looks like something that might be native of the Amazon, it's not. It was brought from India in the 18th century, along with its cousin, breadfruit. There are a number of varieties, some the seize of watermelons. Note that the fruits grow off the main trunk of the tree. Jack fruit is absolutely delicious, when it's absolutely ripe. When they fall off the tree onto the ground, you can be sure they are ready to be eaten. That's the way I like to eat jack fruit, right under the tree. To avoid contamination and eating after other varmints, most people cut them from the tree still green and put them in a dark place, where they ripen in a few days. If you try eating the fruit when it is still green, you may find yourself with a new champion. The resin is more effective than those super bond glues!

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