Saturday, February 17, 2007

Bamboo orchids

Visitors to the Santarém area are often disappointed that they don't see more orchids, especially the wild ones. I guess this might be the case of great expectations, much like people expect to see a greater number of birds and other animals. In part, it is that the Santarém region has a semi-humid climate that reduces the number and variety of orchids, let's say compared to some other areas of the Amazon where there is greater rainfall and relative humidity. One of my favorite orchids at Bosque Santa Lúcia is the bamboo orchid (Arundina bambusifolia), a terrestrial plant that blooms and blooms year around, if it gets plenty of sun and water. I keep some in the ground and others in buckets. During our dry season it is easier to water the ones in buckets. Those in the ground suffer from the lack of water but return to their state of exuberant beauty when the rains begin. The bamboo orchid is native of Asia. Image by my German friend, Chris.

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