Saturday, September 11, 2010


Fruit from unidentified tree in the forest.


Barry said...

Steven, I'll share this with the gang on Big leaf tropicals, there might be an educated opinion there on genus at least. Robin Foster from The Field Museum reads it, and she's only one of the many with respectable opinions.

Steven Alexander said...

Barry, many thanks for the help on this one. And a special thanks to Robin Foster at the Field Museum. She has been key to identifying several other unknowns over the years. I hope to get back to Bosque Santa Lúcia on a full time basis within the next year. Be sure that I'm gonna need a lot of help.

Barry said...

"Annonaceae is right. Cymbopetalum, probably C. brasiliensis -- and will attach a foto of that here, with one of the "mericarps" already open -- that whole bunch comes from a single hanging flower."