Saturday, May 23, 2009

Invisible bugs

I discovered five of these "invisible" bugs on a log close to my "red-neck house". The trees had been cut about three months ago for the purpose of freeing up space for the building of the small two room house. If I hadn't been specifically looking for small insects, I'm sure I'd never have seen them.


Anonymous said...

Nice example of why these beetles are colored the way they are. Cerambycid beetles in tribe Acanthocinini, and I immediately thought they were a species of Lagocheirus, but I've been unable to figure out which one or even confirm that is the right genus - sorry!

Doug Taron said...

Amazing photos. Found you through Ted.

GingerV said...

Hi, has been ages since I stopped by, but spent enough time to go back to the last time I made comment. Your photos have gotten to be amazing! This spider and its photo are the best yet.