Sunday, December 07, 2008

Owl butterfly

On last Friday, we received the first cruise ship passengers of the season, the vessel being the Regatta. I was tied up in a staff meeting at Fundação Esperança until the last minute, but managed to get to the Bosque before the bus arrived. As I parked the car, I spotted this owl butterfly parked on the side of a tree. Even though I had many things to do at the last minute, I could not resist getting some pictures of it. The frayed wings indicate that birds may have discovered it before me.


Ted C. MacRae said...

It's just an old individual - their wings get that tattered look with age. A bird would've taken a much bigger chunk out of the wing.

Steven Alexander said...

Ted, thanks. Good to learn these little details. Now I know what's happened to me. Old age, not the birds. Smile.